Manifesting Consciousness from the Universe

 I set my New Year's Resolutions for 2017 to take my life, yoga, coaching and family to a higher level than even I could imagine. "Be the change that you want to see in the world," said Oprah Winfrey. When I was reading O, The Oprah Magazine February 2017 issue, I came to the end of the magazine and read "Want to join our Inner Circle?" I immediately applied to be a part of the OMag Inner Circle and wrote my app before reading, only a select few will be chosen, had a flash of insight that it would be me and went about my life being happy and fulfilled with teaching, yoga, my daily meditations and writing. 

Unbelievably, a month later, I received an email from  Cara Lonergan O Magazine Executive, that I was selected to join 49 other #OMagInfluencers. I called her to see if she was real!

I am considered to be in the group "Lives well lived" and am  a Life Coach helping others fulfill their dreams. One of my dreams s is being fulfilled due to intention, faith and hard work. The other amazing insiders are  all following and supporting each other and even being followed by O Magazine on Instagram. Grateful and Grace are my mantra, for all God has given me and my family as well as my new O Family.  I am honored to be in this "Tribe" and look forward to sharing my journey with you!