#NeverAgain and #MarchofourLives Movement

The new gun and school safety proposals that include arming teachers and improving background checks don't include an indea Trump said he would support: increasing the minimum age to buy certain guns. The school violences have been numerous and the kids at Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, FL said #Enough after the unthinkable shooting of 17 victims on February 14, 2018. My experience is immeasurable juxtaposed to the families and friends of the fallen, we walked across America together to March for our children's lives on March 24, 2018 not only in Washington, DC but also  many cities across America. If you want to support, you can make sure your vote counts and order t-shirts at HTTP://WWW.MSDouglasStrong.US/


We are all Douglas and work towards a better life for our children and grandchildren of all race, creed, sexual orientation and religion. Thank God for the motivated, raw energy of the young people from Douglas HS behind this movement for they are saving this country, not a President who fires and lies behind a white house and twitter account. This is why I march.