We Call BS

Yes I know it's Emma Gonzalez line but adults finally feel free to say it to everything we have been fooled and schooled on for too long. BS to the political and financial agendas of the rich, ignorant men and women "running" this country. BS to the scam artists, liars and real fake news ! Let's all band together to sing a song, praise the youth rather than criticise their raw honest talent, and thank God for not having social skills that say we can't say BS, because the BS stops here.


I am Douglas strong, Parkland proud since 1991 and a Florida educator with exercise science background, yoga certification and extra training on Trauma or PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder that is helping in any way and every way I can, bringing a relaxed calm and asana gentle flow with meditation to the Crisis Counsellors, high school, and community that needs to heal. 


Update - May 2018 - As the seniors of the fallen class of 2018 graduate, the Robert Kennedy Humanitarian Award, given to 4 activist groups of the year, was proud albeit sadly bestowed on the Douglas students that created the March of our lives movement to pass stricter gun control. We are marching the country and need billions of people in the world to stand up! Our fundraiser on October 7 along with the Miami Dolphins speaks volumes on and off the Yoga mat. Tickets for our event are at FEVO.com/discover/fins-flow-matB10zu/