Making Income as a Yogi

Teaching yoga is a great way to bring monumental change to people’s lives. But when you decide to teach yoga, you trade your time for income.

This isn’t always ideal especially when you have bills to pay, but there are plenty of ways to make passive income as a yoga instructor.

Passive income is a way for you to make extra money without having to physically dedicate all your time to one specific thing that deprives you from doing what you love—teaching.

Here are several ways you can make income as a Yogi - Yoga teacher!

1. Get a cash back credit card that gives you rewards.

Having a credit card that gives you cash back on purchases can be awesome because you can use it for purchases that you make when you shop for a private client or your studio. Take a look at the different card options and cash back, increase cash back with points conversion like Bank of America's cash rewards, my favorite.

2. Turn your professional photos into stock photography.

Quality stock photos are always in high demand. You can easily make money by submitting them to sites such as Shutterstock or iStockPhoto. When people purchase your photos, you receive royalties! Remember that your photos need to be extremely high quality, otherwise they are not acceptable. 

3. Write an informational guide or ebook.

Writing a book or an informational guide, might require some time upfront. Once you’re finished with it, you can market it in a variety of ways. The benefits and earnings are different for everyone, so do your research before you start. Once you have an idea in mind, start to focus on your marketing efforts, sales or businesses in order to create a profit for yourself.

4. Become an influencer or an ambassador.

There are a ton of companies that are looking to advertise with popular yogis, so don’t be afraid to use your social media and following as a way to leverage this opportunity. You might not receive direct payment, but you will receive free products to review and share with your followers.  The additional street cred is helpful to your reputation, you can connect with other people, and learn from joining groups of ambassadors. I am an ambassador for Oprah Magazine, you can apply @

5. Post your classes online.

Creating an online yoga studio for your classes can be a lucrative way to make a little extra money and help you to get your name out there. Although doing something like this might cost you a little money upfront, it’s totally worth it! Market and promote your course in order to gain the traction it needs to be successful.

Love, Peace and Namaste,