Bite the Bitcoin and Bullet!

It was a normal day. Watch TV, read email, surf...wait! I was surfing the internet not the ocean, although that's more fun. I had to know what bitcoin was. Crypto currency? The only crypto most folks know is Superman's power. The new Superpower is Bitcoin, or the "fake" currency that transmits when you purchase on the internet which is as layman as possible. AKA: 

a system of open source peer-to-peer software for the creation and exchange of (payment in) a certain type of cryptocurrency; the first such system to be fully 

2. (sometimes capital)

the cryptocurrency created and exchanged using this software.

I bit the coin, or bullet, and purchased Bitcoin stock using software in exchange for my bank cash or for their shares, on paper or internet platform, to make money, to the tune of 120% profit!  I never touched or could see only virtually. I was thrilled until I realized all of this was on paper and even if you have the cash in your hands it's almost worthless tomorrow as the world goes Bitcoin Bonkers. 

By the way, I wouldn't buy it today due to a 100% increase in price and overvalued stock. This revolution has exploded and you will have to wait to play this game, virtually. The point is, you can still learn and research about Bitcoins and pull the trigger when the time is right, with the perfect opportunity and preparation, you will be ready!