Love and Prayer

This is the place where it all begins, happens and ends. You can find love where you are, afar or within, at any age. If you fall in love Day 1, you think it will only get better. Livin' on a prayer, it could however the food that feeds love is emotion, trust, loyalty, understanding, forgiveness and unconditional acceptance. 

Experience teaches the world is a tough place especially along and being with a partner can even be tougher yet we feel born to have a lover, best firend, and the-one-who-has-your-back. At the same time, being afraid of getting hurt will manifest the exact thing you fear which is "the law of the universe",  claimed Oprah Winfrey. According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, "the universe has consciousness that we are affected by and all of us are one." I believe that if you pray to your inner source or God, I believe it is and choose to let his will be done, you will be blessed with miracles. Have faith, find and keep the love for your family, friends and community. Have a heart that  shines like a diamond.