Vacation Goals

Bored with winter weather, I clean my closet to find many clothes I haven’t worn and know they should be with the purple post-it for donate. The pink post-it pile, wear again, receives the love and hope it will be worn on a summer trip “vacay”. Vacations are the greatest motivators to get moving, make goals, albeit the bikini, towards a fitness objective. One such vacation, my cruise with Oprah and Gayle the beautiful new Holland American Line Nieuw Statendam, helped me to diet and workout right through the December holidays! More than a New Year’s Resolution, the cruise was at the end of January, yikes! Obs, that was challenging and I participated in a challenge, adding my yoga teaching videos not only for myself but to help others.

I am reminded of a book I read while in college for goals and organization management. I learned that the most important word in any business is GOAL. We all know that setting a challenging and achievable goal is important as well as a serious motivator! It also works in your life, with kids, spouses, partners, social and business. The deadline date is the most important tool. I ask my clients to pick a time of day and add a red star to the time and date. If it coincides with your vacation dates, you will always remember it. When it becomes a part of your fitness goals, packing, planning for everything from mail to feeding the pets and plants, you will have an easier “time” scheduling it as a priority.

If your vacation involves sports like skiing, surging, hiking, or yoga, your fitness regime becomes pre-vacay and keeps you in shape during the vacation. Pick a destination that you have always wanted to do rather than see, motivating you to train for that trip and have super workouts now! Share your vacations in the comments below or write to us