Trendy4Fitness Challenge

Ready for the holidays? I don’t mean the presents 🎁, are YOU?! Not sponsored but in conjunction with Claudia of, I will be helping you in losing weight, fitness and mindfulness to start NOW. By the holidays and the New Year, you can and will lose weight and fit in that outfit rather than screaming when you get on the scale! Change to healthy eating by writing a food diary, weighing in with YOURSELF, wake up and meditate, do yoga, go for a walk or to the gym and you will be creating a great habit. Make small lifestyle changes like give up soda, sugar and white carbs! What should you eat? Start with replacing with water, veggies and of course add a lot of yoga! Yoga actually changes the chemistry of your cells molecules thereby decreasing weight appetites and even depression. So it’s Day 1 for you, NOW! Follow me and and begin the 30-day count. Let’s go!

I am giving away a yoga mat and the second prize is a “block” which are useful to get started and assist you if you can’t reach the floor. After practicing a few weeks, your muscles will change and remember to go to a position. With continued practice, you will increase that stretch, breaking up fascia or tightness, work less and feel so good you won’t want to ever stop! Send me your comments and tag a friend to support you, heck, maybe they will do it with you! We all need incentive and don’t want to make excuses for one more cookie, drink or dessert. The Holidays come every year and using “stress” as an excuse negates the exact feeling you want to celebrate: joy, love, peace and balance.Hashtag me, #ThirdEyeYogaShala and #Trendy4Fitness with your photos on FB or Instagram. We cannot wait to see your great results and smiling faces, holiday photos and New Year’s Eve outfit!! Namaste.