As the falling leaves and  trees change color , my eyes glow with the anticipation of snow. I love the uniqueness of each flake, gathered in inches softly cooling my energy and flow. Every flake adds up to the excitement of skiing, holidays and new boots as well as  a few broken-in boots that  feel comfy, crunching the sidewalk and tires as a warning.  It is especially important to stretch before winter sports.

Stretching is one of the things that I love most about practicing Yoga. When I am doing these slow, deliberate postures, I can feel some muscles getting stretched while others are working quite hard. I always feel so limber and relaxed after a yoga class. I attribute that to the intense stretching. My best friend is a dancer, and she says that the first half of her rehearsal sessions often focus primarily on stretching to limber up the body and protect it from muscle strain; stretching is obviously important for keeping fit.

    For those of us who are more physically active, stretching is probably something we do before and/or after exercise. Did you know that it’s important to take time out during the middle of an exercise routine to do some stretching? Meditation in between my yoga flow is important for muscle recovery. This practice helps to release tension in the muscles and makes your workout more effective. 

    Stretching is equally important to increase circulation and improve balance and equilibrium. Always find the guidance of a qualified trainer or physical therapist, which can be a tremendous help to the elderly or even  bed-bound by helping to correct poor posture, atrophy of the muscles from non-activity,  and alleviate the overstretching of joints and muscles. In Sanskrit we say, Aieem Nama - find time for playful activities and your true self. Namaste.