Eileen founded Third Eye Yoga Shala in 2013to provide private, custom yoga and meditation along with life coaching. She is a 500-hour experienced and  certified instructor and Life Coach. She has trained in Iyengar,  Yin and Connected Warriors Yoga. She has a B.S. from Sacred Heart University, an MBA from New York University, and ran a Medical and Chiropractic office in southern Florida. She is also a Broward County Teacher. Eileen became a Trauma-Yoga instructor focusing on recovery and positive soul-searching and is grateful for support from family, and fellow teachers, friends, and especially her three children – Sara, Danielle and Austin Fruithandler. Special thanks to Darcy Briks, Second Language Design, and her team for this website and logo!

- 7500 hours Yoga Instructor experience

-Tony Robbins Lifecoach education

- PTSD trained and certified for  Connected Warriors, free yoga for Vets and ETI, Exhale to Inhale Board Member, free yoga for surviving women who have been sexually or domestically violated.

- 40 years coaching, training, mentoring and teaching in private/public schools from Connecticut to Florida.