New Year's Resolutions

Although New Year’s Eve is looming with fireworks, the brightest light shines on the New Year being born. Rebirth, Renew and Reinvent for yourself is my New Year’s Resolution way before the time most people are settling in with champagne, lobster and caviar wishes. Maybe its because I have accepted being single, a widow to be exact, and my purpose for “Peace on Earth”.

I am truly grateful for the family and friends I have and have chosen as well as tindered into my life. Challenging myself and others on SM (social media), I collaborated with like-minded fitness and nutrition professionals motivating and empowering with daily encouraging posts! The commitment clearly motivated me to lose weight and work out daily before the broken promises of resolutions. I learned it helps me to be in service to others and ok to fall, get back up. “What if I fall? Well, what if you fly? Full circle to being single, it is different in the digital dating, so choose to be happy, date like it’s a job interview(s), or “pet your cat and drink wine in yoga pants”. #Sorrynotsorry the latter is not my choice!

Yoga keeps my spirit up like warrior pose. I rise up and root down, inhaling and exhaling with the sounds of an ocean and open my heart, core, inner being ending with meditation, svasana. The changes in my mind and cells are felt every day so keep practicing because you don’t have to perfect. Maybe you already are, OM NAHEEM NAHMA, you are and always will be perfect and connected with your source, stay present and enjoy the moment you are in. Worrying and fear do not stop things from happening, accepting you are where you are supposed to be creates a mindset to move forward with is meant for you. Namaste…