Denver studio!

Hiking and skiing are just apart of the Colorado landscape as well as Yoga and Pilates. There is a path for every hike, bike and yoga wherever you go in Colorado. This weekend? Ouray - the Switzerland of the United States of America! Next stop: Telluride…one of my favorite ski towns and mountains with beautiful landscape and historical mining areas and one of the homes of the Oprah! Besides living in Florida and Denver, my third home will be in TELLURIDE, and 4th in Hawaii. Where is your journey taking you? Are you focused on the destination or the experience and how it feels to go rather than actually BE.

Call or message us fir your yoga yoga and meditation lessons! You absolutely attract what you give to the world and I am sharing kindness, coaching, health and wellness for you and your family. Be here in the now so you can enjoy every moment because life is short and there are no promises. BE Kind, BE happy, BE loving and all that life has to offer will be revealed to you like a blooming summer rose.

Make your appointment with us for private or group yoga lessons in the Denver area. Family yoga, couples yoga, Iyengar and vinyasa are a few of the new sessions offered.

Classes have begun at the JCC of Denver! Just check their website for classes with Eileen!

Namaste yogis. Your thoughts are your reality.