As we speak, its the last few days for a cause that empowers women towards their rising up which we all need to do to help each other! 3/31 is the last day of the Talbots stores and web selling the limited edition co-branded collaboration collection of #talbotsxomag and #oprahmagazine that supports @dressforsuccess with 30% of the net proceeds! This is their 4th collab styled by @oprahmagazine Creative Director Adam Glassman, the brilliant fashion stylist.

In honor of the 100,000 and growing women helped thus far with the partnership between Talbots and OMagazine, I am asking you to stop in your closest Talbots and try on the fabulous collection that I am honored to partner with. I was in the Love That Fashion Show on the Holland American Girls Getaway Cruise with Oprah and Gayle King. Besides the experience and fun of my girlfriend lifetime, my BFF since we were 10, Sheri Turecheck, joined me and even got to meet Gayle! Even if you cannot go to Talbots, you can donate to dress for success and empower a woman. Thank you.

Cruise with Oprah!

Leaving in 4 sleeps as of 1/26/2019, if I can sleep with the excitement of the best cruise of my life! I am going on the Holland America Line new cruise ship, Nieuw Statendam with Ms. Winfrey herself on the amazing cruise! Her and Gayle King, BFFs, are hosting a “girls getaway” and I’m bringing my BFF, Sheri Turechek who I’ve know. Since childhood In COnnecticut and we can’t wait! As a Brand Ambassador for www.O,TheOprah Magazine I love ❤️ the products they send me and blog, post and share on all social media the OMagInsiders are the best supportive and empowering women, and one man, I’ve ever met!

I am representing #AD Talbots, wearing #sponsored outfits while on board as well as being a model in the Cruise Fashion Show! Styling by Adam Glassman and their partnership of his collaboration of a gorgeous collection for TalbotsXOMag, with 30% of the proceeds going to Dress for Success, we will rock the ship! Oh Yeah that’s good, as Oprah would say

O, The Oprah Magazine staff and 27 “#OMagInsiders”, like me, will be on board to have fun, experience the Caribbean while floating on yoga mats, listening to authors and O Editors and a show with the O of O herself, Ms. Oprah Winfrey. My dream is to meet Oprah and hear her ask me the poignant question, in O fashion, " Why? What is your why?”

Well, YOU, what is YOUR WHY? My why is that life is not perfect and no one is perfect so be the best you can be. Yoga is called a practice, not a perfection, and with grace and humility I help others find their potential, be as healthy as they can be and love themselves, while practicing myself. When I know that my students have overcome excrutiating pain or gratefully or humbly changed themselves, written their story, moved on from relationships or jobs that did not serve them, fell in love, made more money or whatever they want, I know for sure that I have helped them manifest their dreams.

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I’m so excited for the cruise! I’m wearing a beautiful #Ad@Talbotsofficial outfit as I pack for the @hal cruise 🚢 Oprah and Gayle’s Girls Getaway!

One of my favorite things is yoga and it will be on deck and at the private Caribbean island. I am confident my #Talbots#Sponsored Anchor sweater and slimming jeans are perfect for sailing away. Spoiler alert: I’m modeling with other #OMagInsiders in the “Love That!” Adam Glassman collection #TalbotsXOMag! I know for sure there is fun and amazing stories to follow. I ❤️ giving and 30% of the collections’ net proceeds go directly to Dress for Success, empowering women to achieve independence in work and life. You can help plus look amazing by shopping @Talbots for #talbotsxomag 🙏Namaste ♥️